Dark fusion bellydance

Welcome to my parlor, where gothic romance salutes cyberc noir, and an ancient dance form meets present-day drama. Peruse, perambulate, and let those cogs begin to turn. Sharpen a quill to send me a missive asking about private instruction, or or sign up for the mailing list exclaim over the performance calendar … but whatever you endeavor, watch your step so that you don’t spill your absinthe on the rug. (That rug really ties the room together.)

Performances & Classes

Classes: "Belly Temple" tribal fusion class is held Wednesday nights at 7 PM in Crown Hill. Drills, theory, technique, and choreo/combos for beginning and intermediate level dancers. Contact me through the "send me a missive" link above for details, or find me on Facebook 

Upcoming DVD: "Visions," from Lumen Obscura Productions, is coming in spring 2014. Watch the trailer for a peek at performances by Katy Swenson, Aepril Schaile, Deidre Anaid, Arcane Dimension, Paige Lawrence, Marjhani, myself (first appearance at 0:30), and other dark-fusion dancers.

Sunday, May 4, Okult Sundays ":: PanDaemonAeon :: a night of ChA0S Magick with Legion Within" at the Baltic Room. Doors at 9 PM, $5 cover, 21+. Part of Resurrection Sundays.

Friday, May 16Tribal Fest 14, 3:57 PM. Tribal fusion festival in Sebastapol, California.

Friday, May 23
, Folklife Festival Tribal Fusion Stage, 8 to 10 PM. Showcase features Mardi Love and local Seattle dancers. Free festival in Seattle Center. 

Friday, July 25, "Circadia: A Celebration of Life, Death and Re-Birth" tribal fusion dance production at Columbia City Theater, 8 PM. With Belladonna Dance (Olympia), Emily Sitara (PDX ), Katana (PDX), Katy Swenson (PDX) , Kindle, 
The Mahala Dancers (Bellingham) Malia Mahailoff, Medea, Nadira,  Somni, and more. 4916 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, Washington 98118. Ticket info TBD.

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